Sketch with slight grey values
No or simple background
Starts at 35$ / 30€
(for 1 character)

  • Complex design increase the price

  • Adding a character = adding the base price

Black & Grey

Drawing in black & grey values + a colour for lighting
No or simple background
Starts at 60$ / 55€
(for 1 character)

  • Complex design increase the price

  • Adding a character = adding the base price

  • Complex background increase the price


Lineart + cell-shading colour (close to anime aesthetic)
Simple background included
Starts at 65$ / 60€
(for 1 character)

  • Complex design increase the price

  • Adding a character = adding the base price

  • Complex background increase the price


Fully colored Illustration
Simple background included
Starts at 110$ / 100€
(for 1 character)

  • Complex design increase the price

  • Adding a character = adding the base price

  • Complex background increase the price


Animated illustrationsStarts at 110$ / 100€Prices depends on the level of detail you want and the artstyle (more info in terms of service).

  • Adding characters may increase the price

  • To animate, the artwork needs to be cut and prepared for animation. I usually let my clients decide if they do it or if I do it (because it's a very long, pricy and boring task).

Terms of Service


  • Original Characters (ex: your OC in FFXIV is OK)

  • Human / Anthro / Furry

  • NSFW

  • Creatures / Monsters

  • LGBT+ content

  • Baldur's Gate 3 OC's & characters


  • Fanart (except Baldur's Gate 3)

  • Real People

  • Mecha / vehicules

  • Heavy festish (vore, rape, lolicon, etc) if you're unsure, ask me

  • I don't mimic another artist artstyle


  • I use the platform Artistree to treat my commissions. It's secured for both artists and clients. In case of a dispute, the website will choose who's right for example. Everything (chat, sending WIPs, final illustration & payment) happens on the website. But there are fees for using it (add 6,5% to the price of the commission you choose. For example, for a 100€ commission, you'll actually pay 106,5€).

  • REQUEST : Choose your type of commission through this page and enter all of your infos (type of commission, references, description of your desired artpiece, etc.)

  • ACCEPTING / DISCUSSING : I'll get back to you with the final price, or asking for more informations if needed.

  • PAYMENT : Full payment upfront. Artistree uses Paypal for payments.

  • WIP / SKETCH : Once you accept, I start working on it. I usually give an approximate deadline for the commission (usually within a month or less). If you need the artwork for a specific deadline (for a birthday for example), let me know beforehand so I can schedule my time accordingly and let you know if I can meet the deadline or not.

  • FEEDBACK : Feel free to ask me for changes at the sketch / posing step as it's easier to fix everything before the cleaning part. I usually send a first sketch / posing and correct everything after your first feedback. Then send another version for approval.

  • ROUGH COLO : If there are colours, I send a rough color too for approval. It's a very messy colored version of the sketch to see if the colours / lighting is fine.

  • CLEAN UP : Then I clean up everything and send the final.

  • FINAL : Once I send the final piece, you can tell me if small fixes are needed.


  • There are 3 levels of complexity for animations :

  • SIMPLE ANIMATION : blink / breath / basic facial expressions : 100€

  • MEDIUM ANIMATION : Same as SIMPLE + arms / body mouvment / wind in the hair or animations that don't go into details : 230€ - 305€

  • FULL ANIMATION : almost everything possible, FX, character transforming, detailed animations, multiple characters & pets : 510€+

  • In animation, I let my clients choose if they want to prepare their file for animation themselves (because it's a long, boring and expensive task). If I need to do it myself, double the price of the animation. Don't worry, I explain how to do it, and do the complex parts myself.

  • It's more difficult to send WIPs for animation as some parts are animated and others aren't yet, so it can look scary. But whenever I can, I send a preview and of course, ask for feedback.

  • Note : NSFW animations usually tend to be medium complexity.

What will you get ?

  • A4 size for drawings, 300dpi (printable at home) .jpg file / 1920 x 1080 .mp4 video for animations or image sequence in .png if you prefer

  • If you need a specific format, please let me know beforehand

  • My artworks are sent with a discreet signature on them, don't remove it

  • All the commissions and prices listed here are for a personal use only. You can print them on whatever you want, post them on your social medias, as long as it's for your personal use. For animations, I allow their use for streaming purpose (such as starting or ending screens for example).

  • These rights do not allow you to claim you did the artwork / animation, nor to edit them in any way.

  • I absolutely don't give my consent to put my artworks in an AI generator of any kind nor allow their use as NFT.

Refund policy

  • If you changed your mind before I started the commission : you get a full refund.

  • If you want a refund after the sketch, I give you back 60% of the price.

  • After the rough colo 30%

  • No refund at the cleaning phase.

  • For animations, if I did the cut out part, 50% can be issued before I start the actual animation

  • Only 20% if the rigging is in progress

Additional Informations

  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

  • If you don't have references of your(s) character(s), I will add a 20% fee for character design.

  • If you need the artwork / animation for a short deadline, I will add a 50% rush fee to the price.

  • By default, I post commissions done on my social medias, if you need a delay or prefer not to, just ask me, I won't question it.

  • I may stream the commission on Twitch if you allow me. Same as above, let me know if you don't want me to, I won't question it.

  • I don't mind making changes at the sketch / posing stage, but if you ask for too many changes or ask for complete redraw or change your mind in the middle of the commission, next changes will be added to the price.

  • I won't use your commission for commercial purpose. Only in my portfolio or to advertise commissions.

  • If you need a commercial use, please specify it so we can discuss the price and the rights I'll give you accordingly.

By taking a commission, you agree to the above conditions. Please read it entirely before applying.
You need to be at least 18 years old to take a commission.